Hello and Happy New Year!

produce binSo, it’s a few days into 2018 now and we are in the works/beginning the development as well as implementation of many new ideas here at GFH (GoodFood Help). Beginning with this blog!

Kate (cofounder) and myself (Shannon also cofounder), will be writing here with the intent on keeping our supporters and those we support, up to date with our endeavors, news, growth and challenges. Things are looking to be near catastrophic for those most vulnerable here in the GTA this winter, and we aim to be part of the voices bringing attention to those who are suffering as well as ideas for making an impact towards change.

Here are just a  few ideas in the works so far for early 2018:

  1. A Video Series highlighting the struggles of living on only a few dollars a day and trying to maintain shelter, transport, basic needs and food in Toronto. I will recreate what that looks like and how nearly impossible it is to survive in this reality, that a huge portion of our communities face each and everyday.
  2. Upcoming 2018 Fundraiser Events and volunteer information and training sessions.
  3. We will post some of Kate’s favourite simple, healthy recipes in Kate’s Kitchen portion of the blog to help both our clients receiving a produce pack, as well as anyone looking to cook low cost healthier options with ideas and tips.
  4. We will update our network and community followers on food security related issues and events in and around the GTA, Ontario etc.
  5. We are in the process of adding more refined information about GFH as well as updated/new/expanded content on our website http://goodfoodhelp.com.
  6. Plus much, much more!!

Stay tuned! We thank you all for your continued support and encouragement of what we do here a GoodFood Help.